Therapy Format & Fees

For our first 1-2 sessions, we will meet for approximately one hour. During that time, I will ask you what your concerns are and get a good understanding of how I can be of assistance. I will also inquire about your social and family history, your medical history, any experiences with suicidality or self-injury, alcohol or substance issues and your strengths and methods for coping. You will have the chance to tell me whatever you think is relevant and to ask questions of me. I also will review logistics (e.g., details regarding confidentiality and payment).

Individual follow-up sessions occur on a weekly basis and are 45 minutes in length (75 minutes for couples). Some patients prefer to come more than once a week and I attempt to accommodate that request. As patients begin to feel better, they may wish to come on an every-other-week basis.

Many people notice that they begin to get relief in 20 or fewer sessions. For others, they need (and/or prefer) longer-term treatment. If length of treatment is a concern for you, please inquire further at our first session. After our first meeting, we can decide on a reasonable and likely course of treatment.

At this time, I accept Medicare. I do not currently accept other insurance.

If you have a PPO, I will collect just your expected copay (typically $40-80/session). I will then have my biller submit directly to your insurance, for the remainder. That way, you don’t have the hassle of trying to get reimbursed!

The fee for our first session is $250. The follow-up fee is $200 for individuals (45 minutes) and $250  for couples (45 minutes).  

Payment is due at time of service - cash, check, or credit card.

If you are unable to pay my full fee, discuss this with me. I have a limited number of spots for clients who may receive services at a reduced cost.