My Philosophy

I believe that we all have the right to live our best lives. For most of us, when we are “living well,” we have enjoyment and satisfaction in all the essential areas—romantic and familial relationships, friendships, career, health, and hobbies.

 Unfortunately, many factors can get in the way of this enjoyment and satisfaction. We may be biologically predisposed to depression or anxiety, for example. And, we may have ways of thinking or behaving that, even unbeknownst to ourselves, get in the way. Life stressors and transitions may also have a negative impact. Further, it’s hard to know how to reconcile complicated family and relationship histories, so that we aren’t bound to our pasts in automatic and unhelpful ways.

The good news is that many of these challenges can be overcome and that is what I hope to help you with. If we both determine that we can work well together, I will help you by providing a confidential and non-judgmental place to receive support.

Depending on your preferences and your primary concerns, I may work from a more structured (i.e., evidence-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy/CBT) framework or I may use a more psychodynamic, interpersonal approach (e.g., utilizing prior and current relationships to understand how you came to be and why you are stuck at this time, and in these particular ways).

In my experience, the therapy relationship (i.e., feeling comfortable, trusting and understood) is essential in helping people feel better.

Many of my clients report that through our work together, they are able to become more assertive, confident, calm, productive, and satisfied in the important areas of their lives.